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Valentin Boettcher's Site


This is the web presence of Valentin Boettcher a.k.a. Hiro98.


  • currently studies physics in Dresden.
  • codes stuff.
  • is a science-fiction junky and space enthusiast.
  • loves jamming with the saxophone.
  • is hooked on LISP and Clojure.
  • appreciates C++.
  • likes his Kyria.

You can check out my Github, Gitlab and KDE Invent profiles for most of my projects as I publish the source to most things I produce.

I’ve got a CV in German.

My usual internet/user/nick name is Hiro or Hiro98 after Hiro Protagonist from Neal Stephenson’s novel “Snow Crash”, who is usually depicted in profile pictures like the following one.

Figure 1: By Ben Towle.

Figure 1: By Ben Towle.

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